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Constraint Programming Letters

Constraint Programming Letters (CPL) provides an international forum for the electronic publication of high-quality scholarly articles on constraint programming. All published papers are freely available online.

The goal of CPL is to promote and nurture constraint programming research, report on its successful applications, and encourage cross-fertilization with neighboring areas. In particular,

  • CPL provides an international publication medium for constraint programming research with a commitment to rigorous yet rapid reviewing. Final versions are published electronically (ISSN 1932-0973) immediately upon receipt.
  • CPL offers a forum for research on the practice of constraint programming, including topics such as applications, implementation, modeling, deployment successes and failures, and programming systems. Theoretical papers are also welcome.
  • CPL aims at strengthening the links with neighboring communities, including the operations research, numerical analysis, planning, SAT, and verification communities. Papers reporting hybridizations of constraint programming with other techniques are especially welcome.
  • CPL focuses on relatively short papers (less than 6,000 words) describing timely research results.


  • The fifth volume of CPL has begun in 2011. It currently contains a paper about symmetry breaking.


  • The fourth volume of CPL is complete. It is a special issue dedicated to Autonomous Search edited by Youssef Hamadi, Eric Monfroy, and Frederic Saubion.
  • The third volume of CPL is complete. It contains three papers on symmetries and filtering algorithms for Inter-Distance and Eternity-II constraints.
  • The second volume of CPL is complete. It is a special issue dedicated to recent advances in arc-consistency algorithms and edited by Marc van Dongen. Many thanks to Marc for his hard and thorough work in putting this issue together.
  • The first volume of CPL is complete. It is a special issue on the workshop "The next 10 years of constraint programming" that took place at the International Conference on Constraint Programming in Nantes, France in 2006.

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